February: One of the best months to travel Miami

February: One of the best months to travel Miami

Miami never stops amazing us, it’s because there you can find a variety of entertainment options for tourists and locals that adapt to any season of the year. Did you know that February is one of the best dates to travel to the City of the Sun?  All is due to its climate that, despite being winter, the sun and the stable temperatures make it a unique place.

Miami trips season are easily adjusted to the taste of its visitors, since it has a friendly climate almost all year round, which allows you to perfectly program your vacation in Miami, guiding you by the weather forecasts and knowing that being located facing the Atlantic Ocean makes it enjoy fascinating temperatures.

The mildness and warmth of Miami climate make sun lovers enjoy it all year long; considering that its geographical location makes it a target of some hurricanes between June and November approximately, it is in this same location, despite the characteristic environmental humidity of the area, where there will always be a sea breeze to refresh the warmest moments.

For this reason we want to make it easier for you to select the best dates for Miami travels, remember that everything will depend on your tastes and what best suits them.

Know Miami weather in February

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With a tropical climate and little variation during the year, it makes Miami one of the best cities in the world when it comes to taking a vacation, in much of the US territory the winters are very strong, but in Miami, although the temperature drops, there is always a ray of sun that comforts.

Undoubtedly, the first two months of the year allow visitors to perform numerous outdoor activities without the fear that high temperatures be a problem. The climate of Miami in February varies between 61 and 75 ° F (16 - 26 ° C) and is considered a dry season because the rains are unlikely, what you will surely find is the sea breeze which on occasions blows strongly.

One of the best dates to travel: Visit Miami in February and let the weather embrace you

There are many advantages when planning your vacation in Miami during the month of February, because its stable climate allows you to enjoy warm mornings (without becoming oppressive) and cool nights, a contrast that makes this time of the year one of the best dates to travel and enjoy all that Miami has to offer.

A great time to enjoy its natural parks and to explore them with total comfort

Monkey Jungle

Filled with different species of primates in which preservation is the important thing and in which their motto "where humans are caged and monkeys run wild" is literal.

Miami Zoo

327 acres, more than 500 species of animals and a characteristic vegetation to know, it has a monorail that will make your visit much easier and comfortable so you don’t  lose detail of everything around you.

Miami Seaquarium

It is more than a marine life park, a place of educational interaction where people can get up close to countless aquatic species, in turn they are in charge of protecting, caring, rehabilitating and freeing animals that arrive with a problem.

Jungle Island

A theme park, full of beautiful tropical landscapes and jungle environment that provides home to a large group of animals, plants and birds from around the world.

Visit Miami in February: Month of dry temperature and many wanderings

February in Miami is included in the dry season, in which the rain is far away and it is very unlikely to ruin unique moments in the city, for this reason walking around is also a good option when knowing Miami is about, this spectacular city has a variety of places worth appreciating.

Miracle Mile

An excellent shopping destination, its tree-lined streets full of the most prestigious shops and world-class restaurants as well as home of the influential Actors' Playhouse Theater, makes a promenade through this place an unforgettable one and surely you won't get away from it with empty hands.  

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It is an exclusive center that houses many shops, restaurants, bistro style cafes, an atmosphere enlivened by live music that goes from Jazz to Latin mixes.

Lincoln Road

A pedestrian street that merges with a historic shopping center that highlights the characteristics that make the Art Deco district unique, bistros, restaurants and shops where you can buy, dine or just have a coffee while you chat and see people walking.

South Beach

Miami's most famous and most visited beach, its long extension makes it ideal for walking on its white sand while enjoying the crystalline Atlantic, from it emanates an unmistakable energy that fills everyone who knows it.


It went from being a little showy street to becoming a spectacular open-air gallery. Urban art is reflected in the walls of what once were factories and warehouses, now covered by spectacular expressions of emerging artists from the area, all under the guidance of Tony Goldman the architect of the magic that is breathed here.

Undoubtedly, the City of the Sun has everything to provide its visitors with the most varied amenities, without forgetting its fascinating climate that makes it one of the best tourist destinations in the world.