Enjoy Thanksgiving in Miami best restaurants

Enjoy Thanksgiving in Miami best restaurants

Let the Miami best restaurants to pamper you this year with their delicious fare so that you may celebrate with your family the best Thanksgiving dinner ever, and thus shaking off the after accustomed menial cooking and cleaning on such a great festivity.

Since President Abraham Lincoln proclaimed Thanksgiving Day as a national holiday on every fourth Thursday in November, 90% of Americans and their families pay homage to life, the achievements and challenges they have faced throughout the year.

The significance of this day is highlighted by the long distances people traverse to meet their families. Airports are overcome by the amount of travelers. In our city, for example, it is anticipated that 1 million people will pass through Miami International Airport during Thanksgiving week solely to partake in these festivities.

If you are either vacationing in Miami during this marvelous celebration, or have decided to have dinner out, of the roughly 280 million turkeys that are commercialized every year for Thanksgiving, you can already have your share, and we invite you to dig in with family or friends in the best restaurants of Miami.


Culinary diversity in Miami’s best restaurants

The gastronomical variety you can find in Miami is tantalizing, as well as how many of the cuisine styles found in this city have adjusted to American culture and surprise diners with succulent and innovative dishes even though they do not celebrate Thanksgiving Day in their respective cultures.



This year, you’ll be able to experience the bill of fare offered by the Asian restaurant, Talde, located in Miami Beach and features Ramen broth with turkey slices, cranberries creamed spinach wontons and mushrooms.


Rosa Mexicano

Another interesting proposal we find in Rosa Mexicano, in its subsidiaries at Brickell and South Beach, incorporating typical elements of Aztec cuisine to its oven-roasted turkey with mole sauce. Their pumpkin cream with pomegranate seeds comes highly recommended, and of course, dishes such as the turkey enchiladas are worth tasting too.


Choose our restaurants featuring Thanksgiving dinner specials.

The range of restaurants featuring dinner specials for Thanksgiving is broad. There are some places offering brunches that are open until nightfall. Here we have listed some alternatives for you.



Under the direction of the laureate chef and restaurateur Scott Conant, Scarpetta, which is considered one of the best restaurants of Italian cuisine in Miami, has chosen a menu for Thanksgiving dinner featuring different options to cater to every taste: stewed turkey legs, traditional oven-roasted turkey, fillet spicy pork sausage rib eye, pork and Brussels sprouts.


This Spanish restaurant located in Coral Gables has opted for a bill of fare abound with turkey, vegetables, smashed sweet potatoes, grandma’s pumpkin pie, and marshmallows. A tasty Ribera del Duero broth turns out to be the ideal accompaniment to observe Thanksgiving.



Located in the beautiful Art Deco Delano hotel in Miami Beach, chef José Icardi and his team have a special Thanksgiving menu, which, aside from stuffed turkey, also includes wine. Apropos, that day, the restaurant’s standard menu is available too.


Café Prima Pasta  

It’s the most popular restaurant of North Beach, the northernmost area of Miami Beach. Café Prima Pasta boasts a really upbeat ambience and it is always bustling thanks to the amicable service and delicious Italian food that win everyone’s hearts. It’ll be open for Thanksgiving Day, so it is a good option to celebrate this day. You should know that it is open only from 5 pm to 12am, therefore it is advisable to book ahead of time.


Café Creme  

Situated really close to the Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA), in North Miami, Café Crème is a French bistro highly recommended for Thanksgiving Day, since in addition to offering the best in French cuisine, you have the option of choosing the Thanksgiving menu that comes with turkey, vegetables, rice and cranberry sauce. There are also signature desserts of the house, ranging from Tarta Tatin, to Strawberry Napoleon and the not-to-be-missed Crème Brulee.


Wines go well with your Thanksgiving dinner

It has always been said, that the best wine is that one which you like and enjoy the most. Although the tradition of wine-pairing is interlaced with the type of food that will be served, the development and globalization of the wine-making industry, as well as the moving of wine consumption into the mainstream have increased its adaptability.

Granted, while a white Chardonnay will always go well with turkey, grape varieties such as Tempranillo de Rioja, Argentinian Malbec, Nero d’Avola from Sicily, and the soft, fruity Beaujolais Nouvaeu also match perfectly the turkey and its side dishes.


Champagne, Cava and Prosecco are worth mentioning too; they are delightful sparklings top air with your Thanksgiving dinner. Cheers!


Taste Miami’s most popular tapas during Thanksgiving

Traditionally speaking, on Thanksgiving Day the turkey is the king of the dinner table; however, there are many of those who would rather eat something else to celebrate and give thanks. If you have a liking for small-sized dishes and tapas, read on for we have some suggestions for Thanksgiving.


The Bazaar By Jose Andres 

This restaurant is ideal to taste the most innovative tapas in the city, for its chef José Andrés has over 20 years reinventing popular dishes of the Latin American, Caribbean, Asian and Spanish culture up his sleeve. Fish en papillote, Cuban Coffee Rubbed Churrasco, Bao con lechón are a few of the luscious alternatives this venue situated in South Beach offers. And for dessert, we recommend deconstructed Key Lime Pie.



Another ideal place to try authentic Spanish tapas during Thanksgiving is Tatel. Its cuisine is a gustatory experience you have to live. Located in the lobby of Hotel Ritz Carlton in South Beach, Tatel is considered one of the best tapas restaurants in the city. In its wide-ranging menu we can find “Blind” rice with Maine lobster and Charcoal grilled baby squid with caramelized onions and pine nuts, the list goes on and everything is tempting.



Japanese food stands out for the balance of flavors and the beauty of its presentations, and Makoto is an excellent choice to bear out this when it comes to eating Japanese “tapas” in Miami. Nestled in the famous Bal Harbour Shops, this beautiful place offers a great variety of small dishes to try such as the Miso Sea Bass Crispy Kale or Tuna Pizza. This restaurant is hands down another interesting option to think about for Thanksgiving.


Since Thanksgiving Day is deemed one of the most important festivities in American culture, pick wisely the best restaurant in Miami for this year’s Thanksgiving and book in advance to celebrate this holiday on a high note.