Cruise trips from Miami: How to pick the best cabin?

December 04, 2017

If you are thinking of going on a cruise trips from Miamii and you don’t exactly know how to go about it, it is important to inquire for, besides the destinations available, the layout of the ship, its deck chart, the best accommodation areas, the amenities and services provided as well as the fare offered.

Sometimes, for a lack of information, your dream cruise travel may go awry simply for booking the wrong cabin in a lousy quadrant or an area where the rocking movement of the ship is too noticeable.


Study the layout of the ship before boarding the cruise

Prepping up for a trip on the high seas is quite an adventure in and of itself. One of the key aspects to bear in mind when making up your mind on choosing the best cruise companies, destination and above all, the cabin where you will lodge in for the duration of your stay, is to check out the vessel layout.

Exploring the arrangement and disposition of facilities and amenities on board will let you have a look at the ship’s configuration, its areas, as well as accommodations where the best cabins are located. Knowing this information beforehand it is advisable to contact a travel agency specialized in cruise tourism and thus relying on the best consultancy service when it comes down to scheduling your cruise holidays in Miami.


The quietest cabin is not always the most expensive

We could argue that cruisers are a kind of offshore luxury hotel and, despite their being more and more comfortable and modern, it is important to choose the accommodations and cabins when planning your vacations.

When charting your trip, you must check the type of cabin that best suits your needs. Keep in mind that prices vary per size, location and services available.

Cruiser experts explain that the quietest cabin units regarding the rocking of the ship and rowdy areas are situated in the lower decks and the ship’s middle deck, which makes them very affordable.

The development of cruise ship tourist industry backed up by cutting-edge technology has allowed for the steady improvement of its many services. These floating cities are outfitted with media displays, WiFi, phone lines, minibar, power outlets adapted to different systems, etc. Of course, you don’t have to worry about either towels or personal hygiene products which will be at your disposal at all times during your trip.


Types of cabins on cruise ships


Double Occupancy Cabins

If you are travelling with your family or a group of friends, a large number of cruise ships boast double cabins connected to each other through an internal doorway.

Oceanview Cabins

This type of cabin features a porthole or side scuttle. You should make sure the view from the porthole is not obstructed by a lifeboat. Oceanview cabins are relatively comfortable and economical.

Inside Cabins

They are usually small and enclosed rooms featuring normal beds and bunk beds. These cabins are the lowest priced.

Balcony Cabins

These cabins boast spacious rooms with a private balcony off your cabin. Pricing varies per size and location on the ship. The largest balcony cabins are situated on the corners of the vessel.

Suites and Luxury Suites

These are the most expensive and commodious rooms. Suites are located in the best parts of the cruise ship and boast a living room and a balcony. Luxury Suites usually include a solarium and a whirlpool bath. These suites are recommended for a maximum of 6 people.


6 Tips to choose the best cruise cabin

  • Make sure to book cabins with oceanview windows to enjoy the seascape.
  • If enclosed rooms make you feel anxious, we suggest booking oceanview or balcony cabins
  • Avoid cabins and accommodations close to nightclubs and party areas.
  • Bear in mind that cabins located below fitness facilities such as gyms are in the main very lousy in the morning early hours.
  • Pick cabins distant from elevators, staircases, uppermost deck exits and service areas.
  • Most cruise ships feature cabins tailored to the needs of disabled people.


Take into account whether you suffer from sea sickness or not

The ship’s movements may cause dizziness, nausea or vomiting, hence why it is important to keep in mind the counseling of experts to prevent spending your offshore holidays totally bedridden.


DIET: It is paramount to keep away from fastening. Drink a lot of water to stay hydrated. Experts recommend eating apple to relieve dizziness. A ginger tea might also mitigate general discomfort.

MEDICINES: Prior to beginning your voyage you should take a pill of Dramamine that prevents dizziness associated with motion sickness. You can also resort to the anti-dizziness transdermal ear skin patch. These solutions will allow you to have a happy and relaxed trip.

FRESH AIR:  Try to overcome discomfort by going out on the deck and to breathe some fresh air and take a walk across the different parts of the ship. Stay busy enjoying yourself and soon you’ll realize how the discomfort vanishes.  

CABINS: Those knowledgeable about cabins suggest booking cabins on the lower decks or what is also known as the waterline where the hull of the ship is closer to the water surface and the center of the ship is located; in both areas the swaying of the ship isn’t noticeable.


Miami is considered the cruise capital of the world; from here you can chart your dream trip on the high seas to any destination. Bon voyage!


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