Cruise Traveling? Watch Out for cruise extra costs

Cruise Traveling? Watch Out for cruise extra costs

Have you ever dreamed of going on a cruise from Miami? It is very likely you have already made arrangements; you have researched about the best cruise that suits your tastes and interests, you have chosen the itinerary that best fits your expectations and you are looking forward to weighing anchors! When the time comes, you will start reveling in dream days, but be careful! Something unexpected you did not contemplated either in your plans or budget may pop up: cruise extra costs.

Yes, cruise traveling entails extra fees and expenses which, though not included in the initial program, are unavoidable; therefore it is very important to know beforehand what activities demand extra cruise fees so that you may plan ahead your final budget.

With that in mind here we offer you a list of suggestions so that you are the one deciding on what circumstances is your initial holiday budget subjected to change and no bittersweet hidden extra costs take you aback.

Cruise extra costs for Drinks

cruise extra costs

Generally speaking, both alcoholic beverages and non-alcoholic beverages fall into the extra costs category when it comes to cruising, since they are not part of the all-inclusive service package. Nevertheless, some companies offer, without additional costs, water, coffee or tea to go with meals.

Moreover, some companies even offer the possibility of buying unlimited drinks deals, which gives an edge to those who consume soda, cocktails and other types of beverages on a regular basis.

Do Your Research About Cruise Fees and Taxes

Port taxes and fees are those which are levied at ports for welcoming, check-in and control passenger services, as well as baggage handling.

Such taxes and fees vary from one port to another, from one city to the next, hence why it is very important to research which tax policies will be in effect for your cruise, given that such expenses will add up to the total costs.

About Tipping on a Cruise

One way to reward good treatment and good service is through tipping, therefore, you must estimate a cash compensation for the services of the cabin waiter and the dining waiter for each day. However, if you require the services of either the head waiter or the specialized staff (such as masseurs or manicurists) you should take their gratuities into account too.

Currently cruise travels feature another option to cover these extra costs: a fixed charge directly to the passenger’s shipboard account for each day aboard the cruise, and at the end of the trip, the company will handle the equal distribution of gratuities for its active staffers.

If you want to find out more about the details of tipping etiquette on board a cruise click here.

Plan Well Your Outings on Land

Outings can pose significant expenses during your cruise trip, that’s why it is recommended to plan in advance so that you may know what places you want to visit at each port of your destinations.

For this purpose, you have to keep in mind several things, the arrival time, the layover time and the price difference between a local organized tour and a cruise organized tour.

Check the Onboard Activities Included

Mainly, when we read or hear “all inclusive” we actually believe everything there is to do aboard the ship is included in the initial package deal; however, there are extra activities which are not included, for this reason it is advisable to peruse and check carefully what costs are extra and what costs are not, thus you will be able to choose according to your preferences.

How Much Does Onboard Internet Access Cost

Having internet on board a ship and in the middle of the sea is not easy task. That’s why when traveling on a cruise internet is considered an add-on service. Our suggestion is to make an assessment of whether you really need an internet connection or not.

In case of having an affirmative answer to that, look into the fees in advance so that you may include them in your total budget figures without having them as a bitter hidden expense surprise at the end of your journey.

Check the Prices of Onboard Spa Services

cruise extra costs

We all dream with relaxing massage sessions or beauty treatments at the Spa while enjoying cruise traveling, and yet it is important for you to bear in mind that these services fall into the additional cruise costs category, and as such, their pricing is considerably higher than usual.

Furthermore, if you are planning on using them, don’t forget the due gratuities for the staff.

Shipboard Medical Assistance

While it is true that on cruise trips you can rest assured the ship is staffed and equipped with everything needed in regards to primary health care, it is important to keep in mind that medical expenses (ranging from a pill to emergency medical services) are not included in the general costs.

If you want to stave off these expenses, relying on a travel insurance including these costs is ideal, but even then, you should pay them off to the cruise line, and later on your insurance company will return your outlay according to its previous assessment and policy.

Overall, these are the most common causes that could stretch your estimated budget for cruising by a large amount in contrast with the expected expenditure at the end of the trip. Extra costs on cruises end up being a real pain in the neck for many travelers, especially for those recently debuting in this type of tourism.

Do you know anyone who is about to embark on a cruise journey from Miami? Don’t forget to recommend that they be careful with those hidden costs and point them out what to do to stay away from additional expenses. We guarantee you this guide will come in handy.

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