Craft Beer: Growing Up to Miami Rhythm

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July 03, 2017

The so popular Craft Beers are becoming a bet of businesses in which more and more entrepreneurs want to venture, establishing precedents in the manufacture in small scale of which is considered the most popular alcoholic drink of the world.


The Craft Breweries -usually familiar- are positioning quickly to the taste of the inhabitants and visitors of the city of Miami, a different proposal in which you can find a diverse range of flavors, aromas and colors that in addition to refresh you, will make you live a unique experience.


Beer Market in the United States

In the United States, there are over 20 thousand brands and over 150 styles of beer. Within this universe the segment of Craft Beers has been gaining important market spaces.


According to information from the Brewers Association of the United States, "more than 5,300 factories were responsible for the national brewing production during 2016. Of this total, 3,132 microbreweries, 186 regional breweries and 1,916 breweries are accounted for".


Craft Beer, history and evolution

An industry originated before the colonization, when native Americans used maize as the base of a fermented drink, afterwards the Europeans brought with them their own version of 'beer', which was manufactured at home by the hands of women who were in charge of its making.


For years, the Craft Beers production remained very rudimentary, until the arrival of the industrial revolution, which gave way to the creation of novel devices facilitating the mass creation of this popular drink.


There were few households that continued homemade elaboration -secretly- during the time of prohibition, where the process, sale and consumption of alcoholic beverages was penalized, which depleted a market of 4,131 factories in the late nineteenth century, to only a quarter part at the beginning of last century.


Several changes in economic policies made this market have a lot of movement between 1933 and 1982, the number of factories fell from 700 to almost 50. Seriously injured, the brewing industry registered its most important growth in the last 30 years, time during which Craft Beer strengthened its presence thanks to the fact that the lovers of this drink appreciated it and today it is an economic segment in constant growth.


Wynwood brewery

The Craft Beers boom arrives in Miami in 2013 from the Wynwood Brewing Company, a family-owned factory where father and son fulfilled their dream of brewing their own beer. In addition to producing the drink, they have a taproom where they offer a wide selection of craft beers. Although they do not serve food, in their parking lot they have a Food Truck to accompany the beers with various gastronomic options.


Address: 565 NW 24th St, Miami, FL 33127

Phone: 305-982-8732

Twitter: @wynwoodbrewing

Instagram: @wynwoodbrewing


Zone 2 map Miamismith


If you want to know more about Miami Micro Brewery, see the guide here


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