The best tips to enjoy Little Havana Miami

November 23, 2017

The Cuban community in Miami has an important weight when talking about the city, it is an essential part of its history. Little Havana  Miami is that meeting point of the cultural diversity that makes life in this city, this popular neighborhood is a representative sample of the best traditions, history and cuisine of the idiosyncrasies of the Caribbean.


Little Havana in Miami is an emblematic place where the libertarian heart of the Cubans beats, who since the beginning of the 1960s were forced to leave their country when the Castro’s regime settled on the island. The dissidence found in Miami the perfect place to start from scratch, but convinced that they would live in freedom and keep their identity intact which characterizes them and makes them unique.H2 Visit the small Cuban city in Miami

The popularity of Little Havana in Miami is one of the largest and most important for Miami tourism and those travellers who decide to visit the City of the Sun.  Its streets full of stories and taste of freedom, live testimony of what has been the Cuban immigration since the early 1960, which was forced  to leave its country looking for a better future.


This neighborhood represents the purest essence of Cubanness in the United States. Generation after generation its inhabitants have taken great pains to maintain it and take care of it with pride. In fact, Little Havana in Miami is a must-see destination for tourists and locals, for its history, for its shops, restaurants, cultural spaces, for being an area full of colors, where you can get up to small tobacco factories. Here you can share first hand with some survivors of the most difficult chapters of the modern history of the island.


Many places to visit,  stories to listen and things to do in Little Havana in Miami while walking through its streets full of that Caribbean flavor so characteristic.


Stroll through its streets, parks and emblematic squares

The beauty of the Cuban area in Miami is on every corner, streets, park and squares full of anecdotes, common place for all who make life there and for the tourist who wants to know more about this piece of Cuba in Miami.


Calle Ocho

Life in Little Havana revolves around Calle Ocho, meeting center par excellence for Cubans, where simply by walking you can feel the Cuban nature while its colorful buildings and its inhabitants highlight the attractiveness of this site.


Domino Park

The Máximo Gómez Park, better known as Domino Park, is a picturesque precinct located on Calle Ocho, where elderly people gather to play dominoes and chess, talk about the present and the future of their country and where tourists will be able to learn more about the Cuban history of the mid-20th century.


Walk of the Stars

In the style of Hollywood but with the Cuban flavor, this street right next to the Domino Park is undoubtedly a show of exaltation and respect for the artists, musicians, writers and personalities that continue to leave the name of the island aloft: Celia Cruz , Gloria Estefan, Chucho Valdés, Arturo Sandoval, José Martí, Guillermo Cabrera Infante, Alejo Carpentier, among others.


Attend the theaters and museums in the area

The Cuban culture is wide, varied, complex and fascinating, and throughout history it has been enriched with European and African influences. Undoubtedly worldwide known for its music mainly for its great exponents who have filled with  the Cuban son every corner of the planet, with the great icon of the salsa queen Celia Cruz, who until the last day of her life loved Cuba as anyone.


In Little Havana, tourists and locals can visit different theaters and museums with a Cuban soul, which reflect a bit of its history.


The Manuel Artime theater 

It is one of them, a place where the local ballet and great stars come to life and give their best.


Tower Theater 

A room where the community meets to enjoy exhibitions and alternative shows and can also enjoy independent films and many cultural entertainment activities.


The best places to enjoy Cuban gastronomy

The Cuban Gastronomy is full of flavors and unique aromas, which like the rest of Latin America have influences from the colonial era, but over time has taken its own characteristics and mixtures that make it unmistakable.


On Calle Ocho you will find the largest and most varied Cuban restaurants  and gastronomic proposals, to taste the delicious dishes they offer accompanied as always by good coffee in the best Cuban style.


Versailles Restaurant 

More than 40 years filling Cuban flavor to Miami, becoming a classic, reflecting the style of Cuba and Latin America having as a strong point those traditional dishes with the best homemade flavor.


El Palacio de los Jugos 

A very characteristic place and recognized for its abundant dishes and fresh juices of tropical fruits, where you can taste typical Cuban food like “ropa vieja”  (old clothes), piglet, picadillo among other delicacies.


Havana Harry's 

A restaurant where Cuban, Latin American and Spanish cuisine fuses without losing the native flavors that characterize the island.


The King of Fries

Since 1976, this typical Cuban food establishment has taken the flavors of the island to the south of Florida where its already famous Fritas - Cuban-style burgers - are the most popular dish.


Undoubtedly Little Havana is a good place to do tourism in Miami and know much more about the lives of those who make up the largest community of emigrants in this city.


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