4 things to do in Miami with children

4 things to do in Miami with children

Planning a vacation in Miami with children? Miami is the ideal place to enjoy days of rest with your children. This city is a paradise for children because here there is a lot of fun where they learn by playing, and the best thing is that parents also enjoy unforgettable moments.

The city offers, in accordance with the interests of the youngest, cultural, sports and recreational activities. The offer is wide and diverse. It is important that you make a budget because in general you have to purchase tickets many of which include the city tax that is 7%.

Another relevant point is that every city you visit in Miami has a very well-equipped information center, where you can find the best guide to know the activities that can be done with children in the area where you are. For extensive information on what you need to know about Miami tourism and its services, visit this link in the Miami Essentials Guide.


Museums and attractions for children in Miami


On Watson Island, located on the road that connects Miami International Airport, MIA, with Miami Beach, we find this beautiful and fun space that recreates everyday life and where children enjoy a variety of modules that arouse their curiosity and creativity.

Trip in Cruise, Bank, Supermarket, Health and Wellbeing, Castle of the Dreams, Port of Miami, Art, Music and even a center of pets, are some of the areas that make up this museum in which the children participate in an interactive way.



This technological and futuristic structure is a universe full of adventures for all members of the family. Planetarium, aquarium, the evolution of life on the planet, exploration and discovery of the Everglades ecosystem, animal species of Florida, are some of the areas that are part of this modern science museum.

For example, we recommend you to visit the exhibition on the development of the human brain that will be available until April 15, 2018. It is a fascinating space because children have the opportunity, interactively, to discover the scientific advances of neuroscience that  has clarified that brain structures recognize and process, in addition to emotions, thoughts, revealing the human power to re-educate the mind.

Every Friday enjoy laser shows, a stimulating experience for your children.


Zoos for children in Miami


To the south of the city we find the famous Miami Zoo, located in more than 750 acres of land, it is a huge area inhabited by 500 species, in total three thousand native animals of the five continents.

The administrators of the park have managed to recreate the natural habitat of these creatures, so your children will be surprised to be part of the Amazon rainforest or the African plains. In fact one of the activities is associated with feeding giraffes and why not a camel ride. Selfies are a must on this trip.

You can not miss the Zoo tour through the monorail system that offers beautiful panoramic areas of the park.



Key Biscayne is the home of this reservoir of marine life, which in turn is a research center on the evolution of species, which strives for the care and rehabilitation as well as the insertion of many animals in their natural habitat.

You can have a great time with your children in this place, where the little ones, with the support of the guides, can interact with dolphins, manatees, seals and even sea lions.

So you can organize a trip with your family to meet or enjoy the Miami Seaquarium.



Another fun and educational trip for the whole family is undoubtedly the Monkey Jungle, a paradise where diversity of primates coexist managing to get a smile with their pirouettes and sounds. Located south of Miami in the city of Cutler Bay, in this jungle, expresses its website, "humans are caged and monkeys run wild."



This place is spectacular. From the moment you arrive you enter a jungle inhabited by exotic species from all over the world. With the support of guides, you and your children can interact with more than 300 species of birds and very unique twin orangutans.


Sports activities in Miami for children



Miami is full of public golf courses. If you are in North Miami Beach, it is super fun to take a day to play golf, a sport where children develop concentration and an extraordinary capacity for movement.



And if you're in Miami during this season, it's worth taking your kids to a game of Basketball so they can enjoy the Miami Heat champion team, which usually gives us fabulous sporting events. A nice way to stimulate love for sports.


Amusement park in Miami for little children



Are you planning to be vacationing in Miami with your family between November and January, we recommend you to share with the spoiled ones of Santa's Enchanted Forest, the most awaited theme park of the season.

If you want to spend a day of authentic fun with the kids, we have taken the basic information of the page of this well-known theme park about the activities that your children can enjoy during their visit to this enchanted world.


Holiday delights

  • Christmas Karaoke
  • Fun, food and memories
  • Holiday music
  • Size Shows life Holiday craftsmen
  • Millions of dazzling lights
  • Christmas Miniatures
  • Mistletoe lane
  • Tallest of Christmas tree in South Florida
  • Christmas spectacular light show


Interactive fun

  • Children's labyrinth
  • Dunk Bozo
  • Face painting
  • Inflatable playground
  • Paintball
  • Photos with Santa Claus
  • Surfing Santa
  • 7-D virtual reality simulator
  • Waterballs



  • Dart Balloon
  • Basketball Free Throw
  • Pond of the ducks
  • Throwing rings
  • Shoot the star (machine gun)
  • Football kick
  • Speed Pitch
  • Water pistol races


Adventure experiences

  • Bungee Jump
  • Climbing wall
  • Extreme ejector seat
  • Mechanics Bull Ride
  • Roller coasters
  • Sling

The best beaches in Miami with small children

Miami has an enviable climate all year round. In the autumn and winter seasons it is advisable to be attentive to weather conditions, because some days the temperature drops a little, it can rain or cold winds from the north pass through Miami, but in general, the city gives us warm temperatures and radiant days. So the beaches of Miami are ideal to enjoy as a family, as most are safe and fun for the little ones. Here our recommendations.









Remember that if you are in Miami or come on vacation and your purpose is to have fun with your children, it is advisable to have a budget for tickets, meals, mobilization, stay. It is also ideal to plan visits to the sites of your interest and find the best ways to have fun in Miami with children.