4 of the Best Miami Food Trucks

4 of the Best Miami Food Trucks

The momentum Miami Food Trucks  has gained just keeps rising, thus attracting countless novel entrepreneurs who see an investment opportunity to become their own business owners. Amateur cooks and professional chefs alike are taking the reins of these kitchens on wheels to bring their culinary creations onto the street without skimping on the quality of the final product.                                  

Every day there are more establishments looking to offer the best cuisine through this novel concept of pop-up restaurants on wheels which enables them to directly reach potential customers without waiting for them to come; hence it is a good way to traverse the streets carrying the aromas of each culinary proposal Miami has in store for you.

Some Miami Food Trucks evolve to such extent that end up becoming franchises or establishments in different places in the south of Florida thanks to the recognition the quality of their products achieve in diners who know how to value the quality and good prices these restaurants on wheels offer. Food trucks allow customers to enjoy the same dishes in places, perhaps a bit more comfortable.

How Did the Miami Food Trucks Craze Start?

Since 2009, the city of Miami decided not to fall behind and compete against the major cities in the United States on this new business model; the boom of this new sector in gastronomy has been steady and fast growing, thus turning the city into one of the trendiest epicenters of this culinary phenomenon that intertwines the flavors of the many different cuisines found in Miami.

GastroPod and Latin Burguer & Taco are the trailblazers that begin writing the history of Food Trucks Miami, becoming the first two food carts who settled down in the city and made this new trend of food on wheels known to the public in Miami.

The growing taste for this type of food venues is consolidating, that’s why there are already over 30 Food Trucks in Miami flooding the streets with irreverent flavors that satiate the palate of their loyal followers. Gourmet burgers, hot dogs, tacos, wraps, crêpes, ice cream and coffee are just some of the options these food trucks offer.

Ms. Cheezious® Branded as a Trailblazer

Miami Food Trucks

The concept of the Sexy Maven is represented in the iconic Ms. Cheezious® character that distinguish this famous Miami food truck traversing the streets of this city since December 2010 and spreading its gastronomical proposal to the masses in South Florida. Ms Cheezious takes the Sunshine City by storm with what for many diners is perhaps the most popular comfort food: grilled cheese sandwiches.

Thanks to M. Christian Dickens and Brian and Fátima Mullins who decided to join their vast experience in the food and beverage industry, along with a sizzling passion for gastronomy instilled at home, this restaurant on wheels made its way into the hearts of the public which recognized in it a different way to savor a lush and unconventional sandwich without losing an ounce of flavor.

Ms. Cheezious is hands down the most renowned Miami Food Truck, acclaimed by many Miami-based and national food reviewers. They are the cheese sandwich kings who brought this traditional sandwich to the next stage featuring over 10 different matching options to try including cheese with chicken, turkey, shredded pork, prosciutto and much more. You can even build your sandwich to suit your tastes with a broad array of cheeses and meats that will take you to the Olympus of tastiness.

Ms. Cheezious® has expanded to such extent that to this day the brand boasts two food trucks are out and about in many parts of the city, as well as two brick-and-mortar establishments located at 7418 Biscayne Boulevard and 1915 Ponce De Leon Blvd, Coral Gables, 33134. You don’t have one but 4 alternative locations to try out Ms, Cheezious’ flavors.

Delicious Desserts at Pop Starz Plus

The success of Miami Food Trucks is so massive that more than 80 food trucks are rolling up and down the streets of the city flooding it with flavors and aromas that cater to all tastes; however, from these food trucks just a handful are devoted to sweeten up the lives of locals and tourists with lip-smacking desserts. Cupcakes, ice creams and churros are just a few of the many sweet snacks and foods you can indulge in.

If sweets are your thing, then Miami features sweet food trucks too such as Pop Starz Plus that will satiate your sugar palate. Pop Starz Plus reminds you of your popular fairs and carnival parties with its offering: handmade cones and popsicles, different types of candies, cotton candy, fried cookies among many other delicious options.

El Patio Wynwood

No doubt Wynwood houses many of the trendiest artistic creations, from renowned art galleries to leisure venues that have bolstered and established its reputation as a must-see neighborhood in the Art District of Miami.

That’s why this place comes with a novel culinary proposal that perfectly suits the artistic spirit of Wynwood attracting tourists and locals alike who are on the lookout for the uncommon while they delight in the luscious cuisine Wynwoord Yard affords.

Wynwood Yard is an outdoor melting pot open since summer 2016, the first of its kind in Miami which gives food entrepreneurs a vibrant venue where they can express themselves at length and where many urban currents converge into a motley mix of culture and gastronomy and all in one single place.  


The Best Tacos at Caja Caliente

Miami Food Trucks

This family business is a reflection of how culinary traditions are passed down from one generation to the next and how each generation adds to the distinctive characteristic that highlights it above the rest of the gastronomical options; hence why at Caja Caliente diners can delight in a Mexican-Cuban fusion that has pleased the palates of everyone who has eaten here and keeps eating here.

Everything began with a small food truck serving tacos on a tiny 2-foot grill that transformed over time into a big taco food truck even debuting with its first own restaurant where everyone will get to keep enjoying the flavors of Miami and its Cuban fusion cuisine.

Miami has it all: beaches, parties, stores, and a solid culinary culture that keeps growing every day encompassing aspects of the city that perhaps you didn’t imagine were a thing until recently.

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