16 Restaurants in Miami with Cuban flavor

16 Restaurants in Miami with Cuban flavor

Miami and Havana at the beat of the sun, tobacco and rum, have merged their cultures very naturally, as it is assured by linguistic specialists. This is a result of migration waves from the island which have caused a new dialect to emerge: the “Miami English”.

Little Havana and Hialeah have been the two neighborhoods that have received generations of Cubans, whose contributions to our city’s development can be seen in the professional, political and cultural fields as well as in the aromas and flavors of their traditional food.  

It’s not rare to find small places in almost every corner of Miami, in which they serve customers from a window and deliver a very sweet espresso known as a “colada”. There are also popular restaurants and eateries where people can enjoy the gastronomic experiences of the new Cuban cuisine.

Truth is that there is a lot of diversity with a warm and homemade taste from the Caribbean. If you like to explore new flavors you can find delicious Cuban options in Miami.

The island’s gastronomy includes African, Arab, Chinese, Portuguese and Spanish elements, cultures that incorporated garlic, cumin, oregano, bay and other herbs of their cuisine. Cubans merged them with local products in order to give a distinctive strong seasoning taste. This cuisine also involves meat, fresh fruits and vegetables, all of which are important ingredients when making Cuban meals.

We will introduce you to 16 restaurants in Miami which will allow you to get to know and taste Cuban cuisine. (Photo: Book Havana Modern)



-Sergio's Restaurant Miami

Sergio’s was first inaugurated in Miami in 1976 and it has currently several locations in this city, some of them are even inside certain Walmart stores. This place is mainly Cuban but it also offers Latin American dishes. It’s a good place for breakfast, lunch or dinner, since it has an extensive menu that offers: cafecito, empanadas, croquetas, and many other Cuban specialties. Although most of the dishes are high-calorie meals, Sergio’s has added salads and other healthy options to its menu for those who want to stay fit. It’s not a gourmet restaurant, but it’s very good among the ones that have a similar concept. 

-Las Vegas



-Enriquetas con Sabor

Seemingly the definition of a Latino/Cuban restaurant, where the food is regular but prices are favorable. The venue is noisy and disorganized but with a certain style. We only recommend it if you want some greasy food and a nice cup of coffee. 

-Little Havana Restaurant

-Yuca Restaurant

-Puerto Sagua




-La Carreta

-Latin Cafe

-Havana Harry's

-Casa Juan Restaurant

-El Palacio de los Jugos

-El Rey de Las Fritas

-El Rinconcito El Chele

-Islas Canarias



-Havana 1957