16 Reasons to live in Miami

16 Reasons to live in Miami

The reasons abound for loving the Sun City, not only to visit it as a tourist, but also to live there and experience it. Here we tell you why Miami is so attractive to us. This is our list of 16 reasons to live in Miami during 2016.


1. The hotel industry offers options for all tastes and prices.

2. Miami is the capital of the Planet Sun.

3. Our people understand the meaning of the word healthy.

4. Art Basel fills us every year with the real and imagined from the visual arts world.

5. The variety and diversity of those living there shows the human wealth of the world.

6. The cold is afraid of Miami, although it doesn’t prevent Santa Claus’ visit every year.

7. Brickell’s night skyline as seen from Key Biscayne is matchless.

8. It was the site of great movies and series such as Scarface and Miami Vice.

9. Neon and Art Deco loved each other so much that they gave birth to the Art Deco District.

10. South Beach smolders 24 hours a day.

11. Miami is the city where artists tan their skins.

12. Residents pay no state taxes.

13. There are more exotic cars than fast food restaurants.

14. Geographically, the city points to the rest of the USA, Latin America and Europe.

15. Miami is surrounded by three national parks: Biscayne National Park, Everglade National Park and Dry Tortugas National Park.

16. Its culinary diversity pleases the most demanding palates.