13 Brazilian restaurants to enjoy in Miami

July 07, 2017

Miami is home to one of the most diverse gastronomies in the world. Over here you can find everything from homemade to the most innovative of creations.

Do you like meat, grilled poultry and exquisite salad buffets? “Braserías Brasiñeñas” is what you’re looking for.


Thanks to the migration coming from Brazil in the 60’s and 70’s we can now find in Miami the tradition and kindness of the most populated country in Latin America.

Spontaneous and joyful, we identify Brazilians with the rhythm of their most popular musical genre “Bossa Nova” and its contagious passion for soccer.

The arrival of Portuguese settlers led to a fusion of cultures and gave birth to a cuisine that combines flavors and colors of productive lands. Their typical dish is the “feijoada”, a combination of black beans with salty meat and leafy vegetables in a dense broth.


The famous “Caipirinha”, prepared with “cachaca” (alcohol obtained from the distillation of fermented sugarcane), green lemon, sugar and crushed ice, is their most popular alcoholic beverage, equally appreciated as beer, sangria, and the delicious tropical fruit juices.


Culinary superstitions

Brazilian gastronomy is derived from Portuguese cuisine, therefore, their culinary beliefs were influenced as well. Some tribes avoided eating animals while slaves had the habit of not leaving any leftovers on the plate so enemies wouldn’t eat them. They tried to avoid combinations of food and drinks such as fruit salads; this mixture was frowned upon. Also, milk wasn’t supposed to be mixed since it was believed to be unhealthy.


Other restrictions included good advices such as avoiding eating too much for it would cause pain.

The following are 13 suggested Brazilian restaurants. All of them are identified in our map which divides Miami in 4 areas where you can find the most popular cities and places of South Florida.



Brazilian Taste Grill




Bar Boteco   

This Brazilian bar has 2 ambiences, one indoors and an outdoor patio. It offers typical food from this country, and of course, a wide selection of caipirinhas. We suggest you go there and have some drinks with friends, listen so Brazilian music or watch a soccer game; food is nothing special. Miami still awaits for a great place that makes us feel in any bar at Rio de Janeiro.


Area Code 55

If you enjoy meats and buffets at reasonable prices in an all-you-can-eat grazing setting, you should check out Miami’s Brasserie Brasileira Area Code 55. Keep in mind that drinks and desserts are charged separately. Quality food offerings are found in a festive and bustling atmosphere, where diners enjoy sharing in pleasant spaces among the sounds of bossanova and broadcasts of sporting events (particularly soccer).




Little Brazil

The aromas and the diversity of typical dishes of Brazilian food are found in Little Brazil, a restaurant that could be defined as homemade, for the generosity of the portions, for its warm atmosphere and for a delicious gastronomy.


It is located in the northernmost part of Miami Beach known as North Beach. It is a restaurant that revives, through music and documentaries, the feeling of the Brazilian people that today is part of the Latin culture installed in Miami.


We recommend their meats and especially the palmito sauce, created by their chefs as companion.


It is a simple, unpretentious place, but a nice spot to share with family or friends.


Varanda's Brasil


Cypo Cafe 






Texas de Brazil 

Texas de Brazil is an all-you-can-eat style of restaurant “rodizio brasileiro” for a fixed priced. The meat’s quality is good and their service better. We recommend lunch more than dinner because the amounts of food are extraordinary and people tend to eat more than usual. 




Steak Brasil


Fogo de Chão

Fogo de Chão has more than 30 restaurants in the United States, being its major attraction the Rodizio, which is a typical taste of meat cuts from Brazil for a fixed price, they also offer a salad bar and other specialties such as salmon and cheeses. The experience of eating pork, chicken, beef, lamb, among other cuts, is a unique experience here. Waiters bring different types of meat to the table and clients decide the amount and when to eat it. For those who have not tried the Rodizio, don not wait another minute and visit Fogo de Chão.



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