2018 Toyota Prius

Without a doubt, my mind readily associates the Toyota Prius Prime with environmental conservation! Over the years, Toyota has greatly improved the performance and capabilities of this hybrid, starting with its 25-mile drive speed while cruising in electric mode, a wireless mobile phone charger and a fine 11-inch digital display that is mainly used as a central hub that controls aspects related to both performance and information. This car provides 3 driving modes: EV Auto mode (Automatic Electric Vehicle), EV mode (Electric Vehicle) and CHG (hybrid mode). This last mode yielded 52 miles (82 kilometers) per gallon during our drive test. The Prius is an intelligent car, it makes decisions based on road conditions, driver demands and the routes it is most commonly used on. Additionally, it comes with all the safety devices and mechanisms demanding users expect from modern cars: an alert system installed in the rear view mirror which has been specially designed and fine-tuned to allow changing lanes easily, steering wheel vibration and a bundle of other equally impressive features. This awesome vehicle is ideal for busy, overcrowded cities and will be greatly appreciated by those who crave minimizing their dependence on the expensive and pollutant components found in traditional fuel solutions.

Engine:I4 1.8L Gas/Electric
Power:121 hp
Acceleration 0 to 60 MPH:10.5 s
Top Speed:101 mph
MPG:55 city / 53 highway
MSRP:Starting at $27,955