2018 Acura TLX V6

The exterior of the Acura TXL exhibits sensual and muscular curves that highlight its 19-inch wheels, to put it in more direct terms, it is a sedan that shamelessly dresses up as a sports car. Its interior invites users to sit back and enjoy the ride, placing emphasis on sound, safety mechanisms that include a warning system installed in the rear view mirror, specially designed to allow changing lanes without the usual hassles and a steering wheel vibration system that includes an audible alarm that goes off when the attention of drivers slips or when they happen to take their eyes off the road. A powerful audio system that seamlessly syncs up and connects with mobile phones within reach, while the main board still manages to communicates effectively with the driver is available. The version we managed to get our hands on came with a 4-wheel drive, a V6 engine and offered a subtle and balanced drive that soared over the pavement, seemingly defying gravity. One caveat we noticed relates to the apparent lack of strength when we demanded full power from the engine. This vehicle is ideal for those looking for a family sedan without sacrificing the appearance and skill of a muscular and athletic car.

Engine:V6 3.5L
Power:290 hp
Acceleration 0 to 60 MPH:5.7 s
Top Speed:130 mph
MPG:21 city / 31 highway
MSRP:Starting at $37,150