Art Basel 2018: Here’s what you need to know about the festival

Art Basel 2018: Here’s what you need to know about the festival

The Art Basel 2018 is a mass art recreational festival that is to take place from December 6 to December 9 in the city of Miami bringing together a great number of plastic artists, sculptors, photographers and the like.

South Beach readies itself in every way to welcome locals and tourists alike that are anticipating and looking to enjoy one of the most important art festivals in the world.

For the event you should take a look at this guide to enjoy Art Basel Miami Beach and take into account a few pieces of advice regarding ticket pricing and event participation.

Ticket Prices

Day Ticket (valid one day): USD 50 if purchased online, USD 60 if purchased on-site.

Permanent Ticket (valid all days): USD 130 if purchased online, USD 140 if purchased on-site.

Combination Day Ticket  for both the Art Basel in Miami Beach 2018 show and Design Miami  (valid one day): USD 75 if purchased online, USD 85 if purchased on-site.

Premium Card (Vernissage, Fri, Sat, Sun): USD 450 if purchased online, USD 500 if purchased on-site. The 4-Day pass includes Art Basel | Year 48 book with bag (while supplies last), priority tour bookings, complimentary access to select museums in South Florida, and priority booking at the new sit-down Restaurant by Michy's. The card will be sent to you via FedEx.

Reduced day ticket for students and seniors (for students and senior aged 62 and over, valid one day, either Dec 6, 7, 8, or 9): USD 40 per person if purchased online, USD 45 if purchased on-site.

Groups (of 10 or more): USD 40 per person if purchased online, USD 45 if purchased on-site.

School Groups (Pre-registration is required for all school groups): Same rules apply as with reduced day ticket. School groups are defined as grades K – 12. Register here and enjoy a reduced price ticket.

Highlighted exhibitors

Year after year Art Basel gathers thousands of artists in each of its iterations worldwide. According to website data from previous years, the highlighted exhibitors can reach up to 4,000 or more. This Art Basel 2018 promises to be the same and even far more multitudinous than ever before.

Expert painters, sculptors and even photographers put on display their works in Art Basel’s different galleries aiming to earn a place in the heart of the many guests attending one of the most important artistic events in the world.

Worth mentioning among the most important artists having a spot at Art Basel 2018 are the following:

Hamra Abbas:

Hailing from Kuwait, Hamra Abbas’ exhibits are characterized for her clever manipulation common figure scales to recreate images straight from the collective memory.

Normally, Abbas’ craft tackles topics such as history, sexuality, violence, ornamentation, devotion and faith.

Photo by Art Basel

Michele Abeles:

Meanwhile, the American visual artist Michele Abeles has fully devoted herself to photography. However, her style is different and particular: Abeles’ compositions combine everyday items with collage in sparkling flashy colors and nude male clippings.

David Adamo:

The works of David Adamo are known for being minimalist installations of utilitarian wooden objects that have been whittled down to fragility and accompanied by piles of wood shavings.

Photo by Art Basel

Adel Abdessemed:

Adel is an Algerian-born French contemporary artist. He has worked in a variety of media, including animation, installation, performance, sculpture and video. Some of his work mostly relates to the topic of violence in the world

Photo by Art Basel

Many other artists will partake in this Art Basel 2018 and their exhibits revolve around the most diverse art currents. If you are an art lover and you want to enjoy an immersive artistic recreational experience, this event is meant for you.