5 restaurants of Chinese food in Miami

5 restaurants of Chinese food in Miami

One of the most eye-catching attractions in Miami is its cuisine. When tasting Miami’s cuisine you will be able to visit almost any part of the world; with its characteristic styles and unique traits Chinese food is no exception.

It is well known that the Chinese cooking has evolved throughout time since the first Chinese immigrants arrived from the Asian country to the United States at the end of the XIX century by adapting their millenary culinary tradition to the natural ingredients found in America, thus giving Chinese cuisine in the U.S an identity of its own.

Chinese food, tradition and modernity

These are the 5 restaurants that have caught our attention.


Tropical Chinese Restaurant
Miami - Restaurant - Chinese - $$
7991 Southwest 40th Street, Miami, Miami, FL 33155

Tropical Chinese Restaurant opened in 1984 and since then it has delighted locals as well as world travelers. It boasts the most authentic Hong Kong style creations such as the  Dim Sum hand crafted from their own kitchen using high quality, fresh ingredients. This restaurant’s Chinese style décor featuring contemporaneous highlights rounds off the experience.  

No Name Chinese
South Miami - Restaurant - Chinese - $$
7400 Southwest 57th Court, South Miami, Miami, FL 33143

Its Chinese contemporary fare goes together with the ambience of the setting matching the its Chinese spirit using regional and local ingredients accompanied by a broad range of wines and craft brews worth tasting.

Qian Long Restaurant
Doral - Restaurant - Chinese - $$
8726 Northwest 25th Street #15, Doral, Miami, FL 33172

Qian Long Restaurant is a traditional family restaurant originating in Venezuela which has endured the test of time throughout generations delivering its cooking to different parts of the United States. Qianlong opened in Doral, Florida in 2008 bringing its signature most popular dish Peking duck. This food venue’s warm atmosphere and on-the-spot prepared food are its highlighted characteristics.

Salon Canton
Doral - Restaurant - Chinese
9668 Northwest 25th Street, Doral, Miami, FL 33172

This open style kitchen restaurant concept originating from Venezuela came to South Florida to stay. Salon Canton modern interpretation of classic Chinese dishes is prepared on the spot with seasonal and fresh ingredients thus ensuring its high quality. Salon Canton boasts two locations, one in Doral and the other in Miami Beach.

Canton Chinese Restaurant

Plentiful portions are the hallmark of this restaurant’s identity, a restaurant where food is a notch above the rest. If you love Chinese food in great amounts this is the perfect spot for you to forget completely about your diet.

When visiting Miami add Chinese fare into your list, for you will be able to find from the most popular and conservative Chinese cooking to the most modern and contemporaneous for the enjoyment of everyone!